Supporting the community
making a positive impact

Giving, helping and facilitating creative and meaningful initiatives

Delapage was established to assist UK communities, institutions
and public services across the spectrum of philanthropic activity
The kehillah lies at the heart of our concerns. We support projects across the spectrum including initiatives relating to housing, welfare and business training.
We are concerned that all children at every age of their development are afforded the best opportunities to succeed.
The raison d’etre of our heritage is our highest priority and we have supported various creative initiatives to help Torah institutions across the UK.
An area of concern to all. Physical and mental health issues have increased dramatically during the pandemic.

Our Mission

Delapage seeks to facilitate projects that make a difference.
Trustees are motivated to assist UK community leaders and dedicated
public-service minded teams and individuals alike, to help with
new and creative projects. In particular, we encourage initiatives
that may not be possible without substantial assistance.