Our Causes


Community infrastructure is a priority for Delapage. This relates to communal institutions or the position of the Community as it is viewed by external bodies and the wider population.

Delapage is sensitive to the responsibility of the Orthodox community to demonstrate with conviction its commitment to the country that provides the religious freedoms that we view as vital.

In addition, Delapage often undertakes distribution to schools and colleges of advanced Torah studies on a per capita basis. Trustees view this activity as grass roots support for the institutions that underpin our unique legacy and heritage. This also contributes to the institution’s ability to support deserving cases as may been required.

Under this heading we include awards made to support business endeavour, training for the workplace and business mentoring.


Delapage Trustees recognise the significance of education for the successful preservation of our legacy and traditions. As such a substantial allocation is typically made in support of this vital sector. Delapage has supported education institutions across the geographical spectrum as well as from pre-school through to secondary schools.

The range of projects undertaken is very broad. Land purchase, site redevelopment, staffing arrangements and equipment provision have all featured.


In the same way Delapage focusses on education throughout the school’s sector, it also provides substantial support for all the institutions that provide post-school facilities for both young men and women to pursue courses in all aspects of Jewish law, ethics and philosophy.

In addition, Delapage supports post-graduate research institutions who provide rabbinic and lay leadership programmes, typically to married individuals, in the strong network of kollelim that have been established in the UK. Many graduates typically assume positions in Jewish institutions after their graduations.

As in other disciplines, new projects have looked to Delapage to help them move forward from the initial concept and project justification. Delapage Trustees have been instrumental in providing support during the incubation period of new projects.


The needs of the community in the care of physical and mental wellbeing have grown dramatically over recent years. This has been exacerbated by the Covid pandemic and communities and individuals have suffered greatly as a result. Trustees are concerned that the effects on the Orthodox community will be sharply felt over the coming years as a result.

We have supported many disciplines of mental health support, including help-lines, therapy and counselling services as well as emergency medical supplies at the onset of the pandemic. In addition, assisting the vulnerable groupings in the community, the young, financially exposed, the elderly and those requiring specialist support services have all featured amongst Delapage’s awardees.


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